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Electrical Faults: 104 or 3333030 General Billing Inquiries: 3314949 or 7788438

Equal Payment Plan Online Application Form

Required documents

  • Applicant’s ID card copy
  • If the applicant is a tenant; copy of agreement between applicant & owner, copy of owner’s ID, and ‘No Objection’ letter from owner regarding applicant’s participation in the equal payment plan.

Important Information

  • This service is exclusive for customers using electricity services under the domestic category.
  • If applicant has any overdue or unsettled bills, services can only be provided after all bills have been settled.
  • After agreement has been made with applicant, equal payment plan for monthly electricity usage will be arranged.
  • To determine the monthly bill amount, average usage of the previous 12 months will be taken into account.
  • If premises have had electricity connection for less than 12 months, EPP amount will be calculated based on average electricity usage of appliances, area of the household/apartment and existing load
  • Equal payment amount will be reviewed every 6 months.
  • If reviewed equal payment amount is higher or lower than the agreed amount, adjustments can be made by STELCO or customer.
  • If the agreed amount under equal payment plan is not regularly paid by customer, STELCO has the right to terminate the agreement.