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Electricity Bill Price hikes due to increased use of electricity.

State Electric Company, STELCO has revealed that the hike in electricity prices is followed by an increase in electricity consumption during the month of Ramadan, due to the blistering hot weather.

During a press conference on Tuesday, STELCO’s General Manager, Ibrahim Nashid revealed that they observed an increase in electricity consumption during the past month that had in turn, led to the hike in electricity prices.

He stated that this may have been caused by hot weather and that every Ramadan, there is an observable increase in electricity usage and prices.

Also during the conference, STELCO revealed that they will probe issues once the public submits complaints about electricity bills.

STELCO’s Managing Director Hassan Mughnee said that the bills are prepared under the meter, which is “failsafe”. As such, the meter cannot be changed or played with by STELCO officials or customers, Mughnee stated.

Mughnee stated that rates are calculated in accordance with rates that are allocated by the Environment Ministry as well. He added that the tariff rates have also not been changed.