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Electrical Faults: 104 or 3333030 General Billing Inquiries: 3314949 or 7788438

Our Company

The Company emerged from modest beginnings in 1949 with an installed capacity of only 14 kW and providing electricity to just the residences in Male’. Over the past five decades the Company operated as a Government Department under different names such as “Department of Electricity” and “Maldives Electricity Board”. In 1997, “State Electric Company” STELCO, was formed.Initially the number of customers were around 50 houses in Male’. Today the total number of customers have increased to 37,660 in Male’ and 14,462 customers in different islands (as at June 2016).

Working with our customers to correct any problems and taking actions to ensure that the problems do not recur. At all instances, striving to be honest, friendly and courteous, and valuing all customers equally. Making certain that failures in our services are rectified as soon as they are brought to our attention. Giving utmost importance to treating personal information with the strictest confidentiality.

Board of Directors

Brigadier General (retd) Ibrahim Mohamed Didi


Mr. Ahmed Shareef

Managing Director

Dr. Ali Azwar

Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Ahmed Latheef


Major Tholhath Hassan (retd)