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Job Vacancies

Working in STELCO

We are committed to treating our employees with dignity and providing equal opportunities in their personal and professional growth. We offer intensive training’s to help individuals to achieve their potential in work and also to encourage continues learning through out their employment in the company. We proudly announce to have one of the largest pools of graduates in various professions notably electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, business management and etc.

STELCO has attracted higher education opportunities for potential employees to foster their professional development and to build their career in their chosen profession. We provide scholarship as well as paid study leaves to the selected employees every year.

  • STELCO has attracted higher education opportunities.
  • We provide scholarships.
  • Internship availability.
  • Training for employees.

STELCO is one of the prominent employers in the Maldives offering competitive salary, benefits, working conditions, health and safety for its employees. We are responsible for our employees and society and always ensure that we enrich the lives of them.