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Ukulhas sewerage system to be functioned by STELCO

The Government of Maldives has contracted the operation of sewerage facilities in Ukulhas in Alifu Alifu Atoll to State Electric Company (STELCO). The agreement of the venture was signed at a special ceremony held at Ukulhas by Minister of State for Environment Ahmed Mujuthabaa and Managing Director of STELCO Hassan Mughnee.

Addressing the ceremony held to handover the project, Managing Director of STELCO, Hassan Mughnee noted the sewerage system in the island is the first such project handed over to the company. 

Meanwhile, President of Ukulhas Council Shaukath Ibrahim highlighted the difficulties faced by the citizens of the island due to the lack of sewerage facilities, expressing hope all difficulties will be solved now.

Static Company Private Limited was contracted to develop the facilities in Ukulhas at a cost of USD 4,760,800 in September 2017. Although the company was contracted to complete the project within one year, the project was completed in April 2019.

While 70% of the project was funded by the government, the remaining 30% was funded by Static Company.