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Winners of Hajj, Umrah pilgrimage trips awarded

STELCO annual “ihya” event to observe Ramadan was held today after a brief hiatus due to the covid-19 pandemic. Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr.Ahmed Zahir Ali attended as the honorary guest. He also filled in the role of annual speaker of “ihya” for this year. He highlighted the virtues of the holy month in his speech. He further emphasized on the importance of charity, forgiveness and to maintain kinship.

This event also marked restoration of Hajj and Umrah opportunities given to staff every year. A draw was taken to select a male and female staff each for both Hajj and Umrah. Staff with over 15 years in the company are entitled to apply for Hajj. Meanwhile, others who have been in service for at least 5 years can apply for an opportunity to get a fully funded Umrah. This year’s lucky winners for Umrah were Mr. Abdulla Shafeeg from Villingili Engine House and Ms. Sameera Hussain in Cooperate and Legal Affairs Department. Mr. Mohamed Aboobakr, Transport Maintenance and Logistics Department and Ms. Nazna Ahmed, Customer Service and Billing won the Hajj trip respectively.

Managing Director Mr. Ahmed Shareef also spoke during the event. He expressed gratitude on the continuation of annual ihya event and stated his wish to make it part of the STELCO culture. He celebrated the reinstatement of Hajj and Umrah opportunities for the staff. He urged everyone to increase recitation of the holy Quran, prayers and dhikr during Ramadan. As for staff benefits and entitlements the company provides, it is expected that every staff provides a much-deserved service with a genuine smile for customers, the managing director has said.

Ms. Sameera Hussain who won the Umrah trip said she was elated that she had won after years of trying and thanked the management. Mr. Mohamed Aboobakr who had won an all expense paid trip to Hajj said he was thankful for the opportunity and blessings. And that he further added that he hoped that the staff are provided more opportunities like this. He especially thanked the Managing Director who has reinstated the opportunity that was discontinued.